Our passion is supplying the freshest and highest quality salad lines to the customer as quickly as possible.

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Welcome to Dicky Bill


With an intense focus on quality, consistency and sustainability, Dicky Bill Australia has long-term proven capabilities in the provision of year-round premium quality baby leaf salad vegetables.

This is achieved through geographical diversification, on-farm innovative processing techniques (ensuring ultimate freshness) and state-of-the-art farming methods.

Cultivating excellence – ONE LEAF AT A TIME.

Dicky Bill Echidna

Our Farms

With over 1,100 acres planted across Queensland and Victoria, Dicky Bill consistently deliver leafy salad vegetables and herbs twelve months of the year. Dicky Bill has been accredited with the Leading Harvest Australia sustainability standard and is Freshcare and HACCP compliant.

Our Processing Techniques

Processed at the farm, freshness is immediately captured by vac-cooling within 30 minutes of harvesting (taking the leaf temperature down to 2°C), triple washing for ultimate healthiness and thoughtful approach to minimise packaging.


Dicky Bill offers a broad selection to the retail market including ready-to-eat salad kits and bowl, EZ herbs bags and fresh, crisp leafy salad vegetables.

Food Service

Our most popular herbs and leafy vegetables are available in 1.5kg and 3kg boxes, triple-washed, vac-cooled for crispness and freshness, carefully packed and sent from our farms.

Leafy Salad Vegetables

With wild rocket, mesclun, baby spinach leaves and a couple of exciting salad mixes, Dicky Bill has specialised in tasty, fresh leafy salad vegetables for more than 25 years.

Packed fresh at the farm and available 12-months of the year, taste the crisp aromatic freshness of Dicky Bill’s leaves.

Leafy Salad Vegetables
Salad Kits and Bowls

Salad Kits and Bowls

Complete with perfectly matched dressings, Dicky Bill’s salad kits and bowls are perfect for meals on the run or an excellent complement to family meals and BBQs.

Whether it be a touch of Asia with a crunchy noodle salad or family favorites such as Superfood Slaw or Caesar Salad, Dicky Bill has the ideal ready-to-eat salad for any occasion.

Other Lines

Complementary to our leafy salad vegetables and fresh ready herbs, Dicky Bill grow cos lettuce year-round and sweet corn seasonally on our Drinan farm.

Sweet Corn


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