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Integrity. Sustainability. Excellence. Collaboration.

With a focus on quality and consistency, Dicky Bill Australia has proven capabilities to provide 12 month supply of premium quality baby leaf salad lines – achieved through geographical diversification and innovative farming and processing techniques. 

To serve the consumer by cultivating excellence one leaf at a time.

Dicky Bill Echidna

High Level Farming and Processing Practices

Full Year Production

With over 1,100 acres across two states, Dicky Bill can reliably produce leafy salad vegetables twelve months of the year.

Triple Washed

All our produce is triple washed at the farm to ensure the highest quality product is delivered.


Both Dicky Bill farms and processing facilities in Queensland and Victoria are audited annually to ensure continued compliance with Freshcare and HACCP certification. Our Maffra (Victoria) facility is also SQF accredited.

Vac-Cooled within 30 Minutes

Our produce is vac-cooled within 30 minutes of harvest (dropping the leaf temperature to 2°C), resulting in extended shelf life and next to nil shrinkage.


Our reduction in wheel track sizing making our product growing beds some of the widest in the world, proudly resulting in less tractor passes per acre (less diesel resulting in less CO2 emissions). When we water, more water is used for growing plants instead of hitting wheel tracks and running off. Our large scale creates better value for the consumer and greater efficiencies at the farm gate.  Making everyone more sustainable.

Less Waste

A clear focus on greater technology that allows us to bag all products to a reduced plastic footprint per kg of salad.


Our wash and processing facilities are at the farm, reducing waste, transport costs and extending shelf life (fresher products for you).

Processing on Site

Our produce is harvested and triple washed to order, minimising waste and ensuring the freshest product is delivered to your table.

Continuous Improvement

Dicky Bill Australia is focused on advancement and innovation in farming practices, always striving to further improve product quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainable Farming


  • Wide product growing beds and efficient watering
  • Harvested on order – no wastage
  • Processing at the farm – maximise freshness
  • Farming at scale for greater efficiency
  • Reduced packaging

Our Farms

Dicky Bill Australia run two farms totalling over 1,100 acres in Queensland and Victoria which allows the supply of high quality leafy salad vegetables, ready herbs and salad kits and bowls for 12 months of the year

Both sites have processing/washroom facilities on-site, with the capability to triple wash and package in excess of 40 tonnes of loose leaf salads per week.

Maffra, Victoria


Dicky Bill Maffra Farm LocationOur Summer production is done out of our Maffra farm in East Gippsland, Victoria,  which sits on just over 700 acres with beautiful sandy loam soil.   While vegetables are grown all year round in Maffra, the main season runs from September to May.

Drinan, Queensland


Dicky Bill Drinan Farm LocationDicky Bill’s Winter production comes from our Drinan farm which enjoys close to 500 acres for vegetable production. Located to the west of Bundaberg in Queensland, the property boasts extremely reliable irrigation water with a temperate climate over the winter months making it great for vegetable production. The main leafy salad vegetable season runs from May to October.


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