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Colours exploding

Mesclun derives from the French word meaning Mixture. That is exactly what this lovely salad is, a mixture of fresh and delicate salad leaves to create a beautiful blend of salad with an explosion of colour and taste on your plate. 

Traditionally it has a mixture of both baby red and green lettuce leaves combined with some Asian greens and beet leaves.  A family favourite is to combine cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, cucumber and your favourite salad dressing as a great side dish to any meal.

Mesclun Leaves
Dicky Bill Echidna
Mesclun Salad Roll

Product Features


  • Presents beautifully on the plate.
  • Very versatile product and can accompany most meals, sandwiches or burgers.
  • Great source of dietary fibre.
  • Very popular with consumers.

Retail Packaging

  • 60g bag
  • 120g bag
  • 350g bag


Food Service Packaging

  • 1.5kg box
  • Other sizing on request.


Mesclun Bag and Box


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