Baby Spinach Farming

Food Service


With the Dicky Bill history rooted in Food Service supply, we know what it takes to keep every Chef at every Café, Restaurant, Pub and Club happy with the true value we offer. Understanding the logistics involved of a complex industry, we are confident we can fulfill every Food Service requirement possible.

Maximising freshness by minimising the time from the farm to you

Dicky Bill Echidna

Our Food Service Range

Leafy Salad Vegetables

Sold in 1.5kg and 3kg boxes


  • baby spinach leaves
  • wild rocket
  • mesclun
Food Service Leafy Lines


Sold in 1.5kg boxes

  • continental parsley
  • coriander
Coriander and Continental Parsley

Cos Lettuce



Twin Pack Cos Lettuce

Sweet Corn, Wombok and Celery



Sweet Corn Packs


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