Sweet Corn

Other Lines


Complementing our growing cycles and our customers’ requirements, Dicky Bill grow and package a variety of other products including sweet corn, cos lettuce, wombok and celery.

Tasty and fresh from the first mouthful to the last.

Ready to prepare and use.

Dicky Bill Echidna

Our Leafy Vegetables Range

Cos Lettuce


Twin Pack Cos is a traditional lettuce type revamped for convenience. Such a sweet, crisp tasting leaf that is so versatile.

Cos Lettuce

Bullet Cos


The Bullet Cos is a full headed cos heart stripped back of any excess leaves.  Predominately aimed at the Export markets.

Bullet Cos

Sweet Corn, Wombok and Celery


Sweet corn, wombok and celery are seasonal vegetables that fit certain windows within our business.

All of the crops listed are packed as loose lines and do not come pre/individually packaged.

Sweet Corn and Wombok
Cos Lettuce

Crispy, Fresh, Tasty, Clean


  • Packed on the Farm, ready to eat
  • Complementary lines to our main leafy lines and herbs
  • Same high quality standards as our main product


How can I buy Dicky Bill Produce and Taste Fresher?