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Our Product Range


Specialising in the growing of leafy salads and herbs now for over 20 years, Dicky Bill has perfected the nurturing of cultivating excellence. It is with great pride we offer the lines seen below and challenge you as a consumer to Taste Fresher.

Fresher. Crisper. Tastier.

Dicky Bill Echidna

Our Product Families

Leafy Salad Vegetables


Our crisp and fresh baby leaf salad line includes baby spinach, wild rocket, mesclun and some tasty mixes.

Leafy Salad Vegetables

Salad Kits and Bowls

Healthy and ready to eat with the salad and dressing, our kits and bowls are extremely popular for those who wish a quick meal. Also great for a side-salad to a main meal. Some wonderful salad favorites including Caesar Salad, Crunchy Asian Salad and Superfood Slaw.

Three Kits and Bowls

Other Lines


Dicky Bill grow and package a variety of other products including sweet corn and cos lettuce to meet market requirements and to marry into our farming schedules.

Sweet Corn and Wombok
Leafy Salad Vegetables Farmed

Crispy, Fresh, Tasty, Clean


  • Packed on the Farm, ready to eat
  • Triple washed for your safety
  • Harvested on order – no wastage
  • Reducing time from paddock to plate
  • Reduced packaging

Excellence in Leafy Salad Vegetables

Food Safety Excellence


  • Benchmark in Food Safety: Triple washed, sanitised, 100% sealed creating leafy salad vegetables ready for your dining enjoyment.
  • Australian-owned: A proudly Australian Owned company, the Dicky Bill family have farming in the blood. From the small market garden that started growing salad near Stanthorpe in the late 90’s, it now continues with growing sites in Gin Gin, Queensland and Maffra, East Gippsland.
  • Faster Paddock to Plate: packaging and processing done on the farm straight after harvesting.

Farming Excellence


  • Herb Farming Excellence: Grown on our rich sandy loam soils, on our farm, only metres from the packing facility, not many family farming business can say that while also enjoying the consistency of supply. Decades of honing our farming techniques so our customers can enjoy fresh, safe, clean leafy veg.
  • Vertically Integrated: As we are the grower, harvester and packer, we can control all of the labour involved. As a result we can proudly say that we ethically source and supply all of our own employees across the growing and packing chain.  As the farmer, we grow 100% of our produce and don’t buy through third parties, we only harvest what we need to despatch to enjoy the ultimate in freshness. Straight out of the paddock, into a bag, and onto your plate creating the masterpiece for dinner.

Packaging Excellence


  • Thoughtful Packaging Sizes: Carefully planned packaging sizes to suit single serve and family sizes.
  • Reduced Packaging: Through advanced packaging equipment, we have been able to reduce the amount of plastic per kilogram of salad in comparison to our competitors.  Dicky Bill understand that the health of our planet is paramount to our sustainability and have justifiable pride in our packaging decisions.
  • Attractive Price Point: great value for money.


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