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Vertically Integrated. What does that mean?  We grow all of our own product across our two sites.  We control the growing process to have the characteristics that you come to know and love of Dicky Bill leafy greens. 

Taste Fresher – you couldn’t do that without being vertically integrated and controlling the process from the seed into the ground, harvesting the leaves at the precise time to ensure freshness and maximise shelflife, then packed on the farm in our High Care facilities.

 –As quickly to the plate as possible

Dicky Bill Echidna

Our Retail Range

Salad Kits

Kits vary from 230g to 460g

  • Crunchy Asian Salad
  • Crispy Caesar Salad
  • Superfood Slaw
Salad Kits

Leafy Salad Vegetables

Sold in 60g, 120g and 350g bags

  • baby spinach leaves
  • wild rocket
  • salad mix (mesclun)
  • aussie mix
  • spinach and wild mix
Leafy Salad Vegetables Group 2x2

Salad Bowls

Bowls vary from 200g to 240g

  • Crunchy Asian Salad
  • Crispy Caesar Salad
Salad Bowls

Cos Lettuce


  • Twin Pack
Twin Pack Cos Lettuce


How can I buy Dicky Bill Produce and Taste Fresher?