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Superfood Slaw Kit


Superfood in every sense

With Kale, Chinese Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli, Beetroot and Parsley all either sliced or shredded, this recipe really packs a punch.

Dripping with anti-oxidants, this Superfood can either be served fresh as a slaw combining with the Yoghurt and Chia Seed Dressing, or leave the dressing to the side and stir fry it up for a no fuss meal preparation.


Superfood Slaw
Dicky Bill Echidna
Superfood Slaw

Product Features

  • Antioxidants a go go.
  • Super low calories per serve.
  • Great mixture of fresh colourful vegetables that not only looks great, but tastes even better.

Retail Packaging

  • 460g Kit


Superfood Slaw Bag


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