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Crispy Caesar Salad


Traditionally Tasty

Convenience plus!  Our Crispy Caesar Salad kits and bowls have been designed for the busy customers that want their salads to be able to be opened, mixed, and served.

Chopped Cos, Shaved Parmesan, Bacon Pieces and Toasted Pita Bread Croutons.  What more can you say other than enjoy?


Crispy Caesar Salad
Dicky Bill Echidna
Crispy Caesar Salad

Product Features

  • Convenience with all dressing and condiments included. All of the work is done.
  • Beautiful tasting traditional cos leaf.
  • Premium condiments as part of the package.
  • Great for BBQ’s or gatherings or the single serve bowl is a convenient lunch idea.


Retail Packaging

  • 285g kit
  • 235g bowl


Caesar Salad Kit and Bowl


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